Website Design

More Than Just Great Design...

When it comes to web site and interactive (e.g. CD-ROM, presentations) design, 401 Consulting represents the real deal -- our leadership team has been involved in multi-media development since before many of today's hot-shot web developers were even born!

If you've read through this web site, you'll find a common thread: we take a well-rounded, 360-degree approach to every engagement. We like to say, "If you're a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." Well, we're not a hammer. We have a full and complete toolbox at our disposal (to over-extend the metaphor).

At 401 Consulting, we take the "Consulting" part seriously. We have the business experience and expertise. We have the visual and creative design expertise. We have the software engineering expertise. And we have strategic marketing expertise. We bring all of this to bear on every project, in order to satisfy all of these questions and requirements:

  • Does it Look Good?
  • Does it Work Right?
  • Does it Meet the Needs (Deliver the Results)?
  • Does it Naturally Meld with the Brand Positioning?

The interesting angle here is that we don't just build sites for other people -- we have had experience owning and operating (and selling) some of the most popular sites on the internet.  Our leadership has built, managed and then sold millions of dollars worth of internet web site assets over the years.

So we know what it's like to operate and manage a web site on a daily basis, and what it takes to make it successful, grow traffic and build value.   And yes, cash out too!  We bring all of this expertise to bear when we develop projects for our clients.

We're not just 'designers' -- we represent the intersection of Creative design, Software Engineering and Strategic Marketing.

But you don't have to take our word for it -- check out our portfolio >>