Strategic Marketing

You have a product or service. Now it's time to market it!

The purpose of a business is to sell a product or service at a profit. The purpose of Marketing is to create demand for the product or service, and increase sales.

“Marketing” is a broad category, with a seemingly infinite number of tools, approaches, concepts, tactics and directions. Our clients usually ask “So, where does one start?” This is where we step in.  First, we take a step back and identify the key goals that we would like to accomplish and problems that need to be resolved. Then we look at the tactical implementation details that will help us to reach these goals.

We can’t market to “everyone” – we must identify the segment(s) and craft a message that uniquely resonates with it. That, in turn, informs our tactics.

We like to use the “carpenter’s toolbox” analogy when describing 401 Consulting’s approach to this type of problem solving. We aren’t selling hammers (and as we say, “if you’re a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail”).  A hammer is a terrific tool, but is useless if you need to remove a screw. Thus, we take the “carpenter’s toolbox” approach to problem solving, and apply the right tool for the current task at hand, without bias. There are all kinds of products and services that we offer (social media marketing, email marketing, print advertising, online advertising, tradeshow appearances, public relations, website design, search engine optimization and more) but we focus on what YOU need to solve the problem at-hand.

We have been creating successful marketing strategies for our clients for the past 20 years, so when a client comes to us looking for "marketing help" we work with them to design and execute innovative, data-driven strategies that fit their marketing needs.

No two marketing campaigns are the same, so we work to identify and understand your unique needs and goals; then work to create a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that aligns with your business goals.

Our goal for every client is to create compelling stories, engage target audiences, drive sales, and create brand loyalty that will help build and grow your business. 


Services Include: