Software Engineering

If You Can Dream It, We Can Do It.

We have deep, decades-long roots in custom software development. Not just web sites or high-level languages either. We're talking very large-scale development projects, and systems-level machine code.

C, C++, C#, Objective-C, PHP, Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL, Assembler Language, BASIC, and so on.  Unix, DOS, Mac OSX and Windows.  Mobile phones, mini-computers, mainframes, and proprietary fault-tolerant systems.  You name it, we've done it at one time or another.

Our portfolio is rife with examples of custom applications that our management team and Software Engineers have designed and implemented to automate everything from online ecommerce systems to complex multi-level marketing commission calculators, real-time transaction processors, content editors, and more.

We live for developing customized software applications. Sometimes an out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all solution is all that is needed. But when you need a customized application tailored to your specific business model or unique workflow needs, we're here to help.

Our team of "hardcore software engineers" are available to concept/design, code and deploy any application, large or small. We have experience in high-level and low-level languages.  These days 85% of our efforts involve either Microsoft-based technologies such as C# and .NET development, or mobile application development such as iPhone. But that's because of the demands of the business climate -- our business clients primarily standardize on Microsoft server platforms and iPhone mobile apps. But do no hesitate to ask if you have special needs -- we have expert-level PHP and OSX capabilities, and more.  Just ask.

We purposefully take a "S.W.A.T. Team" style approach to our work. When a call comes in for a highrise apartment hostage situation, do they say "Sorry Boss, we've only trained for bank robberies. Call Someone else"? No, they specifically train themselves to be adept at handling new situations, on-the-fly.

Similarly, we don't specialize in just one industry vertical. We purposefully specialize in keeping a sharp edge and understanding all of the latest technologies, so that we can respond to any custom application need, and deliver in spades.

If you're looking for "smart guys" (so to speak) who know how to get things done, you've come to the right place.

Services Include:

  • Software Engineering
  • Web Site Development – PHP, C#.NET
  • iPhone Apps
  • Facebook Apps and Custom Fan Pages
  • Database Development (mySQL, MS SQL Server)
  • Web Hosting