Our Services

The Fusion of Marketing, Design and Engineering

Our interdisciplinary team of print designers, web designers, software engineers and strategic marketing professionals work together to provide a full-service solution for businesses of all sizes. While our startup to mid-sized clients typically use us a "one-stop shop" for most of their needs, we are happy to work with clients on an as-needed basis. We have dedicated pages to cover each service area:

It all starts with the brand. And it's not just for the "big boys."  We have successfully executed scaled-down brand development exercises for one and two person, small businesses as well.

Many people hear the term brand and think logo.  Yes, we design very high quality, clever and effective logos.  There's both an art and a science to it.  Logo Symbols and Logotypes.

But there's much, much more to a coherent brand than just a logo.   We consult with our clients and help them flesh out a complete Brand Architecture.  A properly developed brand architecture helps reinforce the core principles of a firm in every interaction, large or small, with its customers. Learn More >>>

The purpose of a business is to sell a product or service at a profit.  The purpose of Marketing is to create demand for the product or service, and increase sales. 

“Marketing” is a broad category, with a seemingly infinite number of tools, approaches, concepts, tactics and directions. Our clients usually ask “So, where does one start?”   This is where we step in. First, we take a step back and identify the key goals that we would like to accomplish and problems that need to be resolved.  Then we look at the tactical implementation details that will help us to reach these goals.  Learn More >>>

Whether it's a website, print brochure, magazine ad, yellow pages ad, direct mail piece, postcard, flyer, poster, signage, vehicle wrap, presentation folder, stationery set, business cards or more, we have the talent and capability to deliver stunning collateral -- collateral that works!

That's because there's more to a great design than just the design. We can concept pieces and handle the copy writing as well, and make sure the piece both echoes and strengthens the Brand Proposition, and has appropriate calls to action.

We are not here to win creative awards or create self-indulgent designs. We're focused completely upon YOUR bottom line, making sure that we produce creative work that accomplishes the goal(s) and gets results for your business.  Learn More >>>

We have deep, decades-long roots in custom software development. Not just web sites or high-level languages either. We're talking very large-scale development projects, and systems-level machine code.

Our portfolio is rife with examples of custom applications that our management team and Software Engineers have designed and implemented to automate everything from online ecommerce systems to complex multi-level marketing commission calculators, real-time transaction processors, content editors, and more.  We have also developed websites that encompass incredibly complex, custom-built database-driven applications behind the scenes, and robust administration "back ends."

We live for developing customized software applications. Sometimes an out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all solution is all that is needed. But when you need a customized application tailored to your specific business model or unique workflow needs, we're here to help.  Learn More >>>

Every marketer knows that the single most valuable marketing channel is word of mouth.  Social Media is all about word of mouth.  It's about being out there, networking, establishing rapport and building your reputation and relevancy, so that prospects come to you.  Ultimately, it's a far cheaper marketing channel.  But it takes time and effort to nurture and grow.

Our Social Media marketing services encompass the design, deployment and maintenance (ah! maintenance!) of custom social media pages including graphics and content generation, as well as the implementation of apps for running contests and sweepstakes, gathering fans, email signups, and more.  Learn More >>>