About Us

Industry Experts Who've Walked a Mile in Your Shoes...

It's true that, as an interactive agency, we have a range of skills and we're good at what we do.  But that's not why people hire us.  They hire us because of our dedication, our extreme competency, and the fact that we build personal relationships that literally span decades, bending over backwards and making sure to solve our clients' needs.  We ...just make it work.

About the Team

Our leadership manages a dedicated, core team of highly skilled veterans, plus relationships with an extended team of very specific, hand-picked contractors that we work with on an as-needed basis.

Covering the fields of Sales, Marketing, Creative Design and Software Engineering, our interdisciplinary team has become experts at integrating left-brain and right-brain thinkers into a single, cohesive team that understands each others' needs, and is able to work together on a single project without painting one another into a corner, so to speak.

Combining creative types with analytical software engineers is a complex undertaking, and our leadership has been able to bridge this gap successfully for more than 20 years.

We Understand Business from the Business Owner's Perspective

401 Consulting is owned and operated by Eric Robichaud, an industry veteran with over two decades of experience in software engineering and high tech. But Mr. Robichaud, along with his team, does not merely build solutions for his customers -- he's a serial entrepreneur who has successful launched, grown and sold both businesses and intellectual property of his own over the years, thus providing insight and wisdom "...from the other side of the fence" as well.

Over the years, and throughout a span of multiple businesses, Robichaud has built and grown web properties, built and sold businesses, and developed and published literally hundreds of successful retail software products. Notable highlights include:

  • Launched and grew Screensaver.com to become the #1 most popular screensaver download site on the Internet, serving over 10 million page views monthly (which was even more phenomenal considering that was back when the web was just getting started).  The web site was successfully sold in 2003.
  • Launched and grew RI Soft Systems which successfully published several hundred retail titles including the critically acclaimed Land Before Time children's storybook product as well as scores of movie and television themed licensed products. RI Soft Systems was successfully sold in 2004.
  • Concepted, Developed and/or Published hundreds of games, screensavers and children's storybook products including: Terminator 2, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Batman & Robin, The Little Rascals, Twilight Zone, Saturday Night Live, All Dogs Go To Heavn, Hey Macaroni!, and Duke Nukem 3D, just to name a few.
  • Launched, owned and operated custom development / interactive agencies for nearly two decades, developing custom projects (both interactive web/CD-ROM and traditional print) for companies including Bacardi, AOL, The New York Knicks, Folgers Coffee, MTV, The San Diego Chargers, and more.
  • Posed for classic "coming out of the phone booth image."  As a consummate Beatles fan, how can one visit London and not?

For further reading, our CEO also maintains an informal blog on tech industry news, tips, troubleshooting advice and the like, which can be found at http://www.401consulting.com/blog.

"We know our customers by the sounds of their voices"

Eric Robichaud, CEO