Mobilegeddon – Is Your Website Safe?

New Google Algorithm Will Affect Non Mobile Websites!

Earlier today Google announced the launch of their new mobile search algorithm that will effect the way mobile search results are ranked.  The update, that could take up to a week to roll out, will give priority rank to “mobile-friendly” websites when searching on a smartphone, while burying non-mobile-friendly sites in searches performed from a smartphone. But don’t freak out, it’s not the end of the world.

What Does This Mean For You?

In theory, this makes a lot of sense – if you are searching from a smart phone then you would probably want to see the sites that are most optimized for that format.   So, if your site is “mobile-friendly,” you don’t have anything to worry about. This update will help move you up in Google’s search rankings on mobile devices. However, if you do not have a “mobile-friendly” site, expect a drop in your mobile search rankings as early as today. It is important to note that this updated algorithm will not affect your site’s ranking on Google’s desktop search rankings — it is only for searches performed on mobile devices – and more specifically, smartphones.

How To Find Out If Your Site Is “Mobile-Ready”?

If you are concerned about your website’s mobile readiness, take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. If your website passes — congrats you are safe! If it doesn’t, contact us ASAP so that we can discuss building you a “mobile-friendly” website that will get your mobile search rankings back.  We have been ahead of this trend – nearly every new website  we have built in the past two years or so has been developed as a “responsive design” which is mobile friendly.  But this wasn’t an issue before that, so this issue primarily affects older sites.

Why Mobile Matters

In a 2013 survey run by the National Small Business Administration, “four out of five business owners reported having no mobile website.” A few years ago this wasn’t an issue, but now that mobile devices account for 60% of all search traffic, this could mean missed opportunities for your business. Having a mobile site means that people are able to search your business on the go, regardless of which mobile device they are using (phone or tablet), and will see a version of your site that works well on whatever device they’re using at the time. On a smart phone, the site text will be relatively larger and easier to read, the photos will be lower resolution to load faster, and links are bigger in order to be easy to tap.

If your website is not “mobile-friendly,” don’t worry, the skies haven’t fallen (yet). Give us a call at 401.626.4303 and we can get your website whipped into shape!