How to Fix a Misspelled Word in iOS Autocorrect Dictionary

It has become en vogue to make fun of the iPhone’s Autocorrect feature.  Websites like Damn You, Autocorrect  (aka DYAC) poke fun at many of the hilarious conversations that can ensue.

One of the particularly annoying situations is when autocorrect is coupled with the iPhone’s auto-learning features — your fingers are flying over the keys and type incorrectly and accidentally hit pop-up options that cause the iPhone to “learn” your misspelling.   Now and forevermore, any time you type the word CORRECTLY the darned phone will automatically “fix” it for you by MISspelling it!

The natural thing to do is to look for the feature to edit your personal dictionary and remove the offending misspelled word.  Unfortunately, there is no such feature.   So now what?

You really only have two options.  One is to reset the keyboard dictionary entirely.  That’s not really much of an option though, because you loose ALL of the personalized words it’s learned over the years which can end up being more of a hassle than a help.

Ultimately, there is no actual “fix” but there is a work around that will get the job done.

In SETTINGS > GENERAL > KEYBOARD > SHORTCUTS  you can add a shortcut for the misspelled word.  Typically a shortcut is a way of entering  a phrase such as “oh my god!” and the entering the shortcut of “omg” so that when you type  omg  the phone replaces it with the expanded phrase (i.e.  oh my god!).   For years I’ve used shortcuts to fix typos, such as common misspellings of my last name, etc.

Well, in this case you can type the correct word and the misspelling that keeps popping up in its place.  Through the shortcut, you will never have the autocorrect happen again – the shortcut overrides the autocorrect.

Not a true fix, but a work-around that ultimately does get the job done.