Adding a Facebook Funding Source

Many of our social media clients have started to incorporate Facebook ad campaigns into their social media budgets. To run ads on Facebook, you must enter your credit card information. Facebook refers to this as the “Funding Source.” Facebook will automatically charge this credit card (the “Funding Source”) at regular intervals for the ads placed so far.

Because of the sensitive nature of payment processing, only the owner of the page and the credit card can setup and manage the Funding Source. Once an ad account is setup, access to manage the ads in the account can be given to other people (such as 401 Consulting) to manage the ads for you. But other people (such as 401 Consulting) cannot access your credit card information or otherwise change/update the Funding Source. This is covered in the section below titled “Granting Other Users Permission to Your Ads Account.”

Now let's get started!

1. To add a funding source, first open Facebook. (This must be done on Facebook on your desktop computer – you cannot add a funding source directly through a mobile device). In the top right hand corner of the page, enter your login information.

2. After you login, click on “Ads Manager,” which is on the left side of your page.

(If “Ads Manager” is not listed under Favorites, it may be down lower on the side bar.)

3. Once you are on the “Ads Manager” page, click the “Billing” button (usually about the fifth button down on the left sidebar). After you click on “Billing,” you will see the drop down button titled “Funding Source.” Click it.

4. After clicking on “Funding Source,” the next screen will ask you to enter your Facebook password. Go ahead and enter your password.

5. Next you will see a screen that says, “There are no funding sources associated with this account. Click here to add one.” (See screenshot below).

6. When you click “Click here to add one,” you will see the screen below, where you can click on a funding source.

Select “Credit/Debit Card” and click continue. It will then ask you to fill out your credit card information. Once you do this and click enter, the “Funding Source” will be added to your account.  

Granting “Other” Users Permission to Your Ads Account

Once have added the new “Funding Source” to your account, you can add other “Admin” users to manage your ads. These users cannot access or modify your Funding Source or any financial information, they can merely manage the ads themselves. 1. From the “Ads Manager” page click on the “Settings” tab located on the left side of the page (you may have to re-­‐enter your Facebook password).

2. Scroll down the page to where it says “Permissions.” Click “Add a User.”

3. Where prompted, type the Name or Email of the Facebook friend you want to add to your account. (You must be Facebook friends with the user who you are trying to add.) Make sure the “General User” option is selected, unless otherwise prompted.

Finished! See it wasn’t all that tough after all. ;-­‐)