4 Quick & Easy Ways To Customize Your Facebook Page

A 2012 study of Facebook revealed that there are currently over 845 million (active monthly) users and more than 37 million pages (with 10+ likes). With such a tremendous number of users and pages out there, it is easy to fall into relative anonymity with your target audience. This begs the question, what makes your page different?

Are you counting on the same old Facebook timeline to help you grow your fan base or are you looking for new ways to “be different?” Regardless if you are not taking advantage of Facebook customization apps then chances are you are not reaching your potential!

One of the benefits of Facebook is also a weakness – its single, unified interface. On the one hand, a clean interface where “everything is right where you expect it to be” dramatically helps with a positive user experience. Witness MySpace (who?) that let people customize their pages SO much that each page looked like a disjointed mess, and the site overall looked like a circus show. On the other hand, having such a rigid, regimented presence means every page pretty much looks like the next.

Fortunately, there are ways to “extend” the Facebook fan page experience and customize fan pages through add-on applications.

At 401 Social we saw a demand for creativity among Facebook fan page managers, so we created a suite of (low cost & easy-to-use) apps that give users the ability to customize their Facebook page, extend the functionality and interactivity of their pages and further develop their social media presence. Our apps are currently used on fan pages that run the gamut from local restaurants to national consumer brands, professional sports athletes, and more.

So how does one customize and enhance their fan page? Here are just four quick examples:

Special Offers & Coupon App

Did you know that nearly half of Facebook users surveyed said that they LIKE brands and follow them on Facebook just to get discounts? With customers taking a “what’s in it for me?” attitude, it is essential that you are able to facilitate the users wants. This means that if you are selling a product and using Facebook as a means of promoting that product, theoretically, you’re only getting half of your possible engagement by NOT offering special offers & coupons on your page!

The Special Offers & Coupons app offers a one-two-punch: incentivizing fans to purchase your product via discounts, coupons and special offers and making them continually come back for more. With this new incentive for fans to purchase your product you will also be able to build on your page’s fans/followers. The app uses “gated content,” which means that fans are required to like your page in order to see/access that offer. The “gated content” approach drives LIKES on your fan page and incentives fans to keep coming back for the latest offers and coupons.

For a “how to” follow this link: http://www.401social.com/Apps/Special-Offers-Coupons

Gated Slideshow App  

According to a recent study of Facebook, there are over 250 million photos uploaded to the site daily! Photos are offer high engagement and are a great way to market your product, but I can’t tell you how many times I see fan pages with hundreds of unorganized photos, randomly scattered about the page. If you like sharing photos, you know that too many photo uploads can make a page look messy and disengaging.

Enter the slideshow app. This app is a great way to make a clean, professional-looking slideshow for any set of images, or a portfolio. The slideshow allows you to upload a series of photos or other graphics/images and have them rotate through a slick-looking slideshow presentation. This app also allows for an optional header image above the slideshow, plus optional headline and text beneath it, in order to put context to the slideshow and each slide can have its own caption and clickable URL link. Along with being a clean and cool way to add photos to your site, the slide show helps to build user engagement thus helping to spread your message.

For a “how to” follow this link: http://www.401social.com/Apps/Gated-Slideshow

The Fan Sweeps App

The old adage, “the best things in life are free” rings true with one of our most popular apps, as it is no secret that people love free stuff and will come to you, if you have stuff to giveaway.  Users have been exceedingly successful using this app, with sweepstakes offering everything from FREE iPads to FREE ice cream for a month!

The Fan Sweeps App is both “sticky” and “viral”. The app allows you to run a sweepstakes contest which drive LIKES, engages users and encourages THEM to spread YOUR message (via the sweepstakes) virally. Participants in the sweepstakes are incentivized to send invitations and post info to their wall, in order to receive additional chances to win! For fans, it is a chance to win cool stuff, but for you, it is a way of collecting vital user information and engagement to help spread your product.

For a “how to” follow this link: http://401social.com/Apps/Fan-Sweeps

The Menu (And More) App

Do you find yourself posting pictures and info about your products that seem to disappear into thin air, after just a few posts? Restaurants constantly face this issue, as they have no where to display their menu items on a Facebook Page so they constantly promote menu content in seemingly random posts. Of course posting these items will get you engagement, but for how long? With the Menu & More app, you now have the ability to create lasting engagement, with you menu items and products.

The menu app was initially created for restaurants to add an interactive, online menu, equipped with drop down categories and a built in rotator app for displaying pictures of menu items. But with it’s easy-to-use point-and-click interface, our users have gotten quite creative using the app for everything from displaying retail products to music links (for artists).  We are sure that users will continue to find innovative uses for this easy-to-use app!

For a “how to” follow this link: http://www.401social.com/Apps/Menu

For more information about our various apps and services, make sure to visit us at http://www.401social.com and get started on customizing your Facebook page today!